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If  you are looking for the right gym that you WILL stick to then HQ is the place for you. We have managed to transform 100s of clients and help keep them on track to their goals and beyond! If you have struggled with consistency in the past then you need to make an appointment to see us today! 


At Bodi, our mission is to provide our members with a unique space to train with the best trainers utilising the latest classes and techniques and achieve incredible results. At Bodi, we’ve created a warm and welcoming community with a mission to make fitness, health and wellbeing an experience that you look forward to and can’t go without. Grab your free pass here and come and see what better fitness looks like.


Our amazing team at Bodi have created sessions designed specifically for women who want to be their best selves. From high energy yoga designed for flexibility and strength to intense HIT sessions to sculpt and shape, you’ll love the clients you work out with and the effect that our sessions will have on your mind and body. We change it up and no session is the same – you won’t get bored, you’ll want to come back and that’s a promise!

Bodi Collective

By training with us, you will be a part of the Bodi Collective – amazing women who enjoy all the good things life has to offer. Our members take time out for themselves and like to be strong and fit but they still enjoy a glass of wine and a great meal with friends. They prioritise time to care for themselves and enjoy the confidence of feeling fit and strong! The Bodi Collective know that it is easier and more enjoyable to train together than to try and go it alone. Our members support each other and hold each other to their goals… collectively.

Come and meet the women who form the Bodi Collective…


Personal Training & Nutrition

If you are ready to see some specific changes in your body and lifestyle, then we have all the support you need from our experienced trainers, coaches and nutritionist. Hand crafted and personalised

Bodi HQ Collective